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Larva Peruzzotti






Since 1992 I'm busy with several music and sound projects.

 I've been making field recordings for years (audio recordings produced outside of the studio). Click on the image to find a selection of those sounds. Some of them end up being part of my music project.

Turbio is also a music project by Larva Peruzzotti (bass & field recordings) and Jonathan Ramirez (drums); based in Amsterdam. Originally, the music of Turbio is improvised at the rehearsal room, while being recorded. Those improvisations are later reproduced and combined with a track of several field recordings. The result is a mix of these two layers: a calm, usually repetitive mattress of music supporting a varied combination of all kinds of sounds. Listen to our first album 'disco' in bandcamp or soundcloud

As a music lover I've been collecting and selecting all types of music for years, and I really enjoy playing them for others. Since moving to Amsterdam I have played in several different venues: De Buurvrouw, OT301, Kashmir Lounge, Roest, Siberië, De Balie, Mezrab, Café Belgique, ADM, Schuim, Klup X, Dokhuis Galerie...

for quiet music, try the Siesta Mixtape

for party times, try Another Party Mixtape

for strange stuff try the Secret Mixtape

or click on the image and find more

I also have experience as sound technician, musician and director in audiovisual works. Click on the image to watch my REEL.