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Larva Peruzzotti






 I record music on location. With professional equipment, technical knowledge, experience in the field and passion for music I am able to record the performance or rehearsal of your group: choirs, string quartets, chamber music, organs and orchestras.

 To obtain the best results it's important to plan the recording together with the musicians and the people in charge of the venue. After the concert, I edit the high-quality material in my home-studio and send the results to the musicians.

 A concert usually demands a lot of effort and rehearsing time. And suddenly it's in the past... Therefore it's always a good idea to let someone record the performance, so you can listen back to that unique event as many times as you wish. I can work anywhere in the Netherlands. Please contact me for more information.

Equipment: TASCAM dr680mkII & DPA, SHURE and OKTAVA microphones

Photos: Larva Peruzzotti

Sometimes I make recordings for the Concertzender, where I'm also sound technician for Het Pianoatelier and CZ Actueel.

Listen to those broadcasted performances by Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Van Swieten Society, Steven Kamperman and Officium Ensemble.